“MIDNIGHTS” is a returning drama series inspired by one of the great Arctic historical mysteries of our time. At the end of the Great Saga Age, the Old Norse went to Greenland to trade with the Inuit only to mysteriously disappear centuries later – vanishing from the record.

Created by screenwriter Anna Reeves, “MIDNIGHTS” was commissioned by Ole Sandberg’s Good Company Films and is being co-developed and co-produced with Nevision. Stinna Lassen is producing for Good Company.

In this series these forgotten Old Norse are called Midnights – and they are still very much alive. They have become immortal as a result of ancient microbes in the polar ice that live within their bodies in a symbiotic relationship. These microbes enable the Midnights to resist disease, to stop ageing, to stop sleeping, even to regenerate limbs. This immortality comes at a high cost – the very bacteria which sustains them also renders the tribe sterile – so they have no decedents. They can also be killed, in the event their bodies fail to recover fast enough from serious trauma.

The Midnights have survived by living in tightly organised and secret social networks. Today, they live amongst us as a highly advanced and very influential race in a world in which they are far superior. But they are under more pressure than ever. At constant risk of exposure and with greatly diminished numbers through years of persecution, they search the Artic for the microbes (why?). But they have had no success and now they are losing hope.