THE WORLD’S FATTEST MAN – the journey continues

Following the successful operation to remove his excess skin, supported by Rebecca, Paul is able to battle the physiological toil of re-entering life at the age of 54. He seeks out new challenges and even learns to drive again after 25 years spent unable to get behind the wheel of a car. He travels the USA and becomes a mentor for other super morbidly obese people. He appears on U.S. chat shows and has even more major surgery, determined to reach his personal goal of 15 stone (95 Kgs). However although his weight loss is remarkable, behind the glitz Paul’s relationship with Rebecca begins to suffer. His emotions get the better of him as he faces some old demons. This film follows Paul’s continuing quest as he experiences new friendships, opportunities of love and possibly even marriage. Currently in production, this episode in the life of Paul Mason is being shot in 4K.