THE WORLD’S FATTEST MAN – a love story

Filmed over four years this documentary film follows the extraordinary journey of Paul Mason – once the world’s fattest man – from a weight of nearly 79 stone (501Kgs) to under 22 stone (137 Kgs). In 2010 Paul undergoes gastric bypass surgery in the UK that results in him losing two thirds of his body weight. However he is then denied the additional surgery he desperately needs to remove the vast sack of excess flesh that makes walking impossible. Paul’s life takes a dramatic turn when he is contacted online by American Rebecca Mountain. Rebecca and Paul begin a lengthy online courtship during which they fall in love, and with Rebecca’s help Paul travels to America in a bid to persuade a New York surgeon to carry out the necessary skin removal. A major operation takes place in New York, during which 22 Kgs of fat and skin tissue are removed from Paul’s stomach and legs, leaving a scar eight feet long. This film follows Paul and his love affair with Rebecca as they encounter unexpected twists and turns.