Genre: Scripted

Nevison and SF Studios are jointly producing 6 x 44’ fast-paced thriller Alex for VIAPLAY in Sweden with APC managing distribution for the international marketplace. Acclaimed Easy Money actor Dragomir Mrsic takes the lead as the eponymous, ruthless, corrupt police detective Alex Stefanovic who has decided to come to terms with his dubious past and come clean. His attempts to rectify his life are interrupted by dark forces he once collaborated with, putting both Alex and his family’s lives at great danger. In the midst of this turmoil Alex gets a new partner, Frida, who secretly has been instructed to bring him down. The series is set in a dark and callous Gothenburg, where the criminal underworld is intruding more and more into the protected Swedish society. The concept for Alex was created by Mrsic, who has first-hand experience of the world the series takes place in.


APC has global distribution rights outside Scandinavia