Genre: Scripted

Nevision is co-producer on Palatin Media’s new alien invasion conspiracy-thriller series SPIDES which airs on NBCUniversal International Networks’ SYFY Channel in Europe, Australia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Brazil.

SPIDES is written by Rainer Matsutani, Eckhard Vollmar, Peter Hume, Carola Lowitz and Mark Wachholz and produced by Katapult Filmproduktion and Red Sun Films in co-operation with Palatin Media, which also distributes the series.

Set in modern-day Berlin, SPIDES follows Nora, played by Rosabell Laurenti Sellers (Game of Thrones), a young woman who wakes from a coma without any memory of her previous life after taking a mysterious drug. Local police detective David Leonhart, played by Falk Hentschel, and his partner Nique Navar, played by Florence Kasumba (AvengersBlack Panther), are hunting down the same drug in relation to dozens of missing teens. When Nora sets out to discover what happened to her, she begins to unravel a conspiracy of aliens who are using a synthetic drug to infiltrate humans to use as host bodies. The more truth Nora uncovers, the more of her own dark secret is revealed: she is the key to the invasion she is fighting.

Rainer Matsutani (Raging Inferno, Wild Land, Over My Dead Body) is Showrunner, Writer and Director and Alexander Kiening is Producer. Nevision’s James Cabourne is Executive Producer along with Bernd Schlötterer and Wolfgang Behr. Nevision is co-producing alongside Aventin Film and Baby Giant Hollyberg.

Distributed by: https://www.palatinmedia.com/